Friday, September 08, 2006

I guess it's no longer a secret... I'm writing a play on the infamous Grace Quek (whom I think is our next greatest woman performance artist after Amanda Heng).


THEATRE company Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble plans to heat up the arts scene next April with a provocative play based on the life of former porn actress Annabel Chong.

The Singaporean, whose real name is Grace Quek, set a record in 1995 by having sex with 251 men in 10 hours. In a reference to this infamous claim to fame, the play will be titled 251.

Director Loretta Tan, however, is quick to stress that 251 will not be 'a sordid expose'.

'I want the play to have a quirky but intellectual sensibility, and it will try to talk about issues like the public complicity in the porn industry, and what the benchmark of a national icon is,' she says.

Tasked with accomplishing this literary feat is writer Ng Yi-Sheng, 25. He took over the project last week from writer and Institute of Policy Studies senior research fellow Tan Tarn How.

Tan could not accommodate the scriptwriting into his schedule, and had also wanted to talk to Quek before starting on the script.

However, Toy Factory has not been able to get in touch with Quek, 34. She is believed to be working as a web designer in Los Angeles. Numerous phone calls and e-mail to her over the past six months have remained unanswered.

The director is hoping that once they e-mail her a copy of the completed script, Quek will be more receptive to their advances.

'I really want to get her blessing for the project,' she says.

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