Friday, August 30, 2013

ContraDiction's tomorrow!

TheatreWorks, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007
7:30pm, Sat 31 August.

And here's my lineup of writers!

I'm also doing Southeast Gaysia, a talk on ASEAN gay culture and rights, at 4pm, same venue!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

IndigNation notes

Just for everyone's info: Akka is all set for Thursday night! It seems it's going to be a full-on performance rather than a staged reading. Here's a photo I took on site of Sonia Pravinaa (a transgender dancer and DSC volunteer) and Suresh Subash (actor), who'll be playing the characters Kamini and Vijay.

That's the playwright G. Selva hiding in the foreground btw!

Might as well regale you with some shots of the very successful queer sci-fi reading, Gaylien Invasion, while I'm at it:

My persona for the evening was High Priestess Marikita Pondan-Pondan, a being from an alternate dimension where gender is optional and sex is compulsory.


My partner-in-crime for Eastern Heathens, Amanda Lee! (The other presenting writers were Nicholas Deroose, Joel Tan, Jeremy Tiang [in absentia] and the genuine sci-fi writer JC Yang.)

Did I mention I made rainbow cake balls for the event? Arduous task.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IndigNation 2013!

August is here, so I'm gonna talk about the various literary and political events I'm doing for the IndigNation LGBT Pride Festival. (Click here for the full calendar!)

Gaylien Invasion : A Night of LGBT Science Fiction (Facebook)

Imagine what queer life might look like in the future… or on different planets… or with robots! Join us for readings of new short stories by local writers like Amanda Lee, Joel Tan, JY Yang and Jeremy Tiang. Curated and hosted by Ng Yi-Sheng.

Venue: Select Books, 51 Armenian Street

Akka (அக்கா): a reading of Singapore’s first queer Tamil play

Organised by Avant Theater and The Purple Alliance. In 1990, the playwright G. Selvanathan wrote and starred in Akka, a short play in Tamil about the life of a transgender woman. Join us for a staged reading of this play, followed by a discussion on language, race and gender. English subtitles will be provided.

Venue: Artistry, 17 Jalan Pinang


In July, the Russian parliament adopted legislation banning the dissemination of information on “non-traditional” sexuality. The government claims that the law is meant to protect children and young people from information and propaganda that are harmful to their well-being and development. There has also been widespread increase in the number of violent incidents, assaults, harassment and bullying of Russian LGBT people and their allies. A few days ago, a young man died as a result of being tortured by an anti-gay group.

Join us at Hong Lim Park to take a stand against the homophobia that is sweeping across Russia and express solidarity and support to our LGBT comrades there. There will be speeches from activists, poetry readings and the signing of a petition which will be submitted to the Russian embassy in Singapore. Come with a placard, or a message and let your voice be heard!

Venue: Hong Lim Park

Southeast Gaysia! 

Organised by Sayoni. We all know about LGBT problems in Singapore, but have you heard about the queer rights revolutions happening in Cambodia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations? Jean Chong and Ng Yi-Sheng, members of the ASEAN SOGI CAUCUS (sexual orientation and gender identity) group, will talk about different regional trends in queer rights.

Venue: 72-13, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd

ContraDiction: an evening of LGBT literature

Our annual reading of LGBT Singaporean writing is back to close IndigNation 2013! We’ll be featuring poetry, fiction, drama, essays and more from an eclectic bunch of Singapore’s queer writers! Curated by Ng Yi-Sheng and Jasmine Seah.

Venue: 72-13, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd

Ooh, and one extra thing that only got just added to the calendar: a queer art exhibition!

No Approval

Grey Projects presents 'No Approval', an exhibition in conjunction with Indignation 2013. Works by Ezzam Rahman, Khai Rahim, Sarah Choo, Guo Yixiu, Marla Bendini, Loo Zihan, Ghazi Alqudcy, Elvin Ching, Lee Gwo Yinn, Farah Ong, Angela Guo, Felicia Low. Please see our Facebook page () and our website for directions and hours.

Venue: 6B Kim Tian Road,  Tiong Bahru,  Singapore 169246