Thursday, June 22, 2006

Whew! I shoulda posted this ages ago, but then for a long time I assumed it was going to be a pretty in-house affair...

Anyway, I get to speak on a panel. Wonder if I can put that on my CV.

Invitation: Young Writers' Forum 2006 by the CAP Alumni: 24th June, 2-4.30pm, NUS UCC

Greetings!The Creative Arts Programme Alumni is pleased to invite you to the Young Writers' Forum 2006, on 24th June 2006 from 2-4.30pm, at the NUS University Cultural Centre's Theatre Green Room ( Panelists include Colin Cheong, Ng Yi-Sheng, Toh Hsien Min and Cyril Wong, with Teng Qian Xi as our moderator.

The Forum is an open event for all students and young adults interested in creative writing in Singapore, and aims to be a nuts-and-bolts roadmap into print for young writers. We'll discuss issues such as how to translate talent and inspiration into a body of work; considerations of audience, tone, and theme; the mechanics of bringing a book to print; the prospects, resources and support (or lack thereof) for writing as a career; and how to be engaged in the Singapore literary community. More broadly, we'll explore and debate the state of the local literary scene, and seek to critique the concept of being a published writer in Singapore.

Authors and arts groups are also welcome to bring their publications and flyers for distribution and sale at a table we'll be setting up at the reception area. Also, after the forum and tea, we'll be having an open-mike session for a bit of literary entertainment, so do bring your poems or your guitar for that matter :)

The Forum builds on the recent Creative Arts Programme Seminar's focus on immersing people in the language and craft of writing. The CAP is a yearly writing camp organized by the MOE and NUS, to inspire and mentor promising young writers from secondary schools and junior colleges. Continuing this effort, the CAP Alumni is an informal network which builds awareness and promotes the engagement of CAPers and others with the literary arts, and the wider creative community -- as active creators, reader-critics and supporters. Through this, we hope to do our part to advance the arts and culture in Singapore and beyond.

If you're interested in attending this event, please email Luke Tay ( by 20th June 2006 to confirm your attendance or call Gail Aw at 96649278 for more details. The event is free of charge though seats are limited.We look forward to meeting you on the 24th!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Phew! Well, from now on, this is going to be the official career-blog of freelance writer and creative textual performer, Ng Yi-Sheng.

Forthcoming poetry readings, launches and plays of mine (and my friends, if I'm feeling charitable :-D) will be uploaded here.

I really should have publicised my reading att he first edition of LITERATI at the lovely little loval bookshop, Books Actually, at 125A Telok Ayer Street at 2pm today (Sun 18th June). Read with the accomplishedly storyteller Akshita Nanda (she's from near Mumbai, where they still actually do that stuff), and the musicians Victor Tang and Feroz of Ecrus Garage, together with a guest appearance from LA based singer/songwriter and avid poet Andrea Hamilton. Andrea's from Kansas, studying in Los Angeles and in Singapore for a couple of weeks to visit her Singaporean collegemate and percussionist friend whose name I've forgotten, but was rather dishy with his Elizabeth Barrett hairdo.

(I covet his cajón. Also known as a drum box and used in flamenco, it's got the virtue of being able to be played extremely casually, with the hands, highly visibly to the audience, with both a tappy-finger sound at the edges and a nice solid boom when smacked in the centre.)

Will update with more discipline in weeks hereafter. And am determined to sound less brainless next time.