Sunday, September 10, 2006

Buy my book!

last boy will be on the shelves of Kinokuniya, Borders, etc. from Monday onwards. It's my first personal poetry collection, dealing mainly with my years of sexual and cultural development in New York. It's $15 + whatever else they slap on it; in any case I get 10% of selling price, so don't feel pressured to bring along your Kino card. ;)

Urgh, seriously, my bank account is trickling down. No-one pays freelancers on time.

Anyway, the launch was great - I got to meet Boey Kim Cheng, I saw my army friend Ng Teng Kuan again, spoke in Mandarin at length with Charis the graphic designer who worked on my cover (and guess what? the cover actually looks good!), and my parents had the good grace not to use their Blackberries during more than half of the readings. :-D Cyril Wong recited his stuff by heart, and Yeow Kai Chai prompted for me when I forgot my lines, and Eleanor Wong indirectly reassured me in her speech that she wasn't mad that I reviewed JBJ and concluded that her act one sucked.

Also saw Qian Xi, Rizal, Heng Siok Tian, Jason Wee, Clarence and a little boy who stabbed me in the neck with a black Pilot pen nib; ouch!!!!.

Very few of my non-writing friends came. I'm gonna wait till my personal launch to make them come... and trust me, it'll be a worthwhile event. :)

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