Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Video killed the poetry star

I had lunch with Brian today at Seah St Deli. Brian Gothong Tan is a contemporary artist, just my age, exhibiting now with the Singapore Biennale. Above are stills from his promotional video for "Mobile", a play by The Necessary Stage that went on in June this year. You can watch the whole trailer here.

This all relevant to the career blog because Brian (who also designed my cover), has agreed to make about 3 short films based on some of my poems - I'm hoping we can use them for the "last boy" launch. Otherwise I'll just thrive on the narcissistic pleasure of having had a piece of me portrayed in an artwork.

Also in the deli was the writer who currently goes by name of Kerbing Lee (due to various reasons, I'm now quite cautious about naming queer people on blogs), who's got a rather good article on two gay Singapore Biennale artists on (formerly I'm covering the same field for Fridae, but fortunately Kerbing interviewed the Singaporeans and I interviewed the Filipinos and the Australian. Since I'm sure it's unprofessional to link to your competitors in an article itself, I'm posting the link here. Click above.


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Wilsurn said...

brian has amazing art work
his's pic of lky with "pay me" across the eyes was just outa the world