Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey guys,

Some of you may have read in the papers about a book I wrote called "SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century", a non-fiction book of 15 gay lesbian and bisexual Singaporeans' coming out stories, published with real names and photographs - the first book to do this in the whole of Asia.

We've secured a time-slot this coming Saturday to promote the book at Borders: Books and Music at Wheelock Place in Orchard Road. We'll be having some readings and a panel. Books sell at $23 and all proceeds go to the Oogachaga Counseling and Support Centre. More info on the book is at

Come down if you'd like to meet some of these people (and grab a copy, if you want - they're flying off the shelves!) The timing we've got right now is:

Saturday, 2 September
2pm (until about 2:45)
Borders, near the DVD area

Ng Yi-Sheng

P.S. May I mention what mixed feelings you get when you write a bestseller and none of the money goes to you? And in fact you have to shell out money to buy your own copies because they were so unprofessional at the book launch that they sold out your comps???

You end up becoming very jealous of yourself. Here's my Sunday Times coverage nonetheless - 20 August, Lifestyle p22.

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