Saturday, December 08, 2007


Presented by TheatreWorks
A Process-Presentation by
Choy Ka Fai
In collaboration with
_Joavien Ng _ Mohd Fared Jainal,
_Patricia Toh _Ling Hock Siang
_Ng Yi-Sheng _Zulkifle Mahmod,
_Khoo Eng Tat _GraceTan/kwodrent,
_Lim Woan Wen _Torrance Goh/FARMWORK.

Date : 14-15 Dec 2007
Time : 8pm
Venue: 72-13
Admission: $5

For Reservations ring 6737 7213 or email :
**There will be a Q & A session after the presentations.

INTERFERENCE is about unwanted signals that disrupt or construct movements of nature. It is about the interventions of patterns in history, time, signal and noise.

INTERFERENCE explores the concept of listening to the noise of history: moments which are insignificant in our collective memory. This presentation researches our techniques of remembering and the recollections of irrelevant episodes of unrecorded history.

INTERFERENCE is a space as well as an organism. This mediated space functions as an interactive installation and a performance environment where moving bodies, electronic sounds, visual documents and light are interwoven into a constantly changing artefact of unhistorical events.

If history is signal, then time itself must be recognized as noise: an infinitely complex mess of data that resists interpretation.
Our project is therefore to listen to the noise of history, moments, which yield no discernible signal: the insignificant events.
Herein lies a paradox. As artists, as humans, we have a natural impulse to transmute chaos into art.
Is our goal then to reclaim the forgotten into the field of recorded time?
Or should we resist, in our representations of insignificant events, our instinct to render them significant?

Conceived and created by Choy Ka Fai, V.I.S.T.A Lab is a series of presentations
resulting from workshop and experiments with the 10 Singapore-based artist/designer across the wide spectrum of artistic discipline. This project is based on the central theme of re-looking at historical events that escapes our people’s memories, seemingly deemed insignificant in our invention of a vibrant, global city. We are interested in the lapses of our recent histories and the understanding of the past to imagine the future.

INTERFERENCE is the second of three presentations of V.I.S.T.A Lab Cycle 1; the third presentations will be held in February 2008.

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Supported by
National Arts Council, Lee Foundation, Hong Leong Foundation,
72-13, Web-vision and Power98

With additional support by
Mixed Reality Lab, NUS

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