Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Am a Face to Watch

We've all had a good laugh about this article - it describes me as "a writer with a finger in every pie", and god knows that's the truth - and they haven't even documented my theatre review work, my performance poetry, my experimental poetry and my multimedia collaborations with VISTA Lab. (Coincidentally, Torrance Goh, our VISTA set designer, got named as a face to watch in this week's design and fashion segment. Woot, but by the time the papers recognise it, it's already old news.)

It's very good company to be in - choreographer/dancer/artist/interdisciplinarian/JC teacher Daniel K, curators Low Sze Wee, Matthew Ngui and Joselina Cruz, and actress Mindee Ong of 881 - who, incidentally, is described at being best at playing "women who are down but not out". Giggle giggle.


Thierry said...

Dear Yi-Sheng,
today Thomas arrived in Z├╝rich, with SQ1, the book, then he flew LX183 SIN-ZRH. I ordered the book when I was home in Singapore, and now it is here, with below 3° Celsius outside. There is a book, in french and with a text from the ex-Bundesr├Ątin Dreyfuss, making the same work in the french part of Switzerland. If you can read french, it'll be a pleasure to take one back to SIN next month.
I am working on my Blogg on Huzir Sulaiman, I do not know if I shall go out myself by writting on you, I kind of lack the guts. Maybe I will give it a chance.
Through Casey Lim, I encountered some good writters of the region, what I really miss in SIN is contempory art. Maybe you know better.
All the best,

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Thank you for the pointers, Thierry!