Sunday, November 05, 2006

We Live in a Strange World

My sort-of-mentee, Amos Toh, has done an interview with me on We Live in a Strange World, his newsblog devoted to interviewing people in the arts community the author likes, e.g. me and Brian Gothong Tan. And I quote:

we live in a strange world lets artists have their say through conversations with the editor, strangemessages. Each feature will also gather links to resources, critical commentary and other features on the artist. One of his or her works will also be featured on strangework.

This space also hopes to give a voice to the people who provide valuable support to these artists; for who is to say that publishers, translators and curators aren’t artists in their own right, tirelessly honing their craft and the process of art like writers, filmmakers, and playwrights do?

He's also got a penchant for publishing lesser-known works of the artists at Strange Work, as well as featuring odd photographs of us on his page:

;-P The interview itself is at the following:

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