Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Coverage at Trevvy.com

I've got a review and profile by Kerbing Lee at www.Trevvy.com. It's not a fantastic review, but at least that means I know it's fair. It dwells a lot on how difficult the poetry can be sometimes, and it goes further -

"Sometimes, the work speaks more about the writer than the writer would care to admit about himself. Ng spoke about a sense of playfulness and affirmation in his poetry. What one finds in the work is instead a profound sense of unspeakable loneliness and isolation. Last Boy seems to exist in its own universe – in a galaxy far away. The language is fluid and spectacular, but its centre of gravity exists in an alternate dimension. There is a mature mind that seems to indulge behind a fa├žade of unfounded youthfulness."

Am slightly depressed now. Will post some photos of the launch to cheer myself up.

Me being hyper.

The audience trickling in.

The books, together with a sunflower from my sort-of-mentee Amos. :)

One of the videos Brian Gothong Tan did.

Me adjusting the audio for the projector.

The audience being appreciative.

And buka-ing our puasa.

There's more pics of me and Brian's video work at my personal blog. Hope people come to the next reading!
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ISA said...

I looks so happy. And fat.

What in the world does 'facade of unfounded youthfulness' mean? Is he saying the 'boy' persona is posturing?

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Oo-er, you're right, it's not a good shot of you at all.

And as for Kerbing's article, well, he is 21 and I'm 25. I guess he thinks I'm being unduly celebratory of boyhood. Which is true - even though it runs through my veins terribly, I feel very strange reciting these poems I wrote when I was much younger.