Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reviews for Lan Fang Chronicles

They've come in from the Business Times and TODAY - sadly, the Straits Times and Flying Inkpot haven't reviewed us yet, even though we were the only opening show in the Singapore Arts Festival that actually runs through the entire festival and thus really could benefit through ticket sales...

"LFC may seem, in its presentation, deceptively straightforward (give or take a few dramatic flourishes) but that’s what I liked about it. Without shoving things in our faces, it nevertheless manages to evoke a sense of mystery and I left the site full of wonder." -Mayo Martin, TODAY/For Arts' Sake, 20 May 2012

"If history could be taught this way, a lot more people would be interested in their local history. ...By approaching Lan Fang as an artist and reconstructing knowledge out of memoirs, records, interviews and suppositions, he [Choy Ka Fai] encourages us to imagine, thus bringing to life what he calls the Chronicles of Disappearance, of the Lan Fang's Republic's history." Cheah Ui-Hoon, Business Times, 22 May 2012

 Also something from a site called Photojournalist! (A lot of spoilers, though.)

"The 兰芳记 Lan Fang Chronicles 2012 (Installation Performance) is highly recommended and I strongly encourage all of you reading this post to watch it there!"

 Hope more press comes over the next weekend!

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