Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A whole bunch of news this week!

1) I've been given a shout-out in my sister Ng E-Ching's op-ed on the Yale-NUS controversy:


Not sure if I agree with the spirit of everything she says, but it's quite true that most of us live with a certain cognitive dissonance for the sake of pragmatism.

2) This Saturday night my poems are featured in The Art of Rebellion, an art exhibition at a shophouse, organised by poet Amanda Lee's design house studioKALEIDO. They're haiku based on on Chinese idioms, also known as 成语 (chengyu).

Date and Time: Sat 14 Apr - Sat 22 Apr, 2-8pm, opening 7-11pm on 14 Apr
Address: Unit 11 Lorong 24A, Geylang, Singapore 398535.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/110371715763513/?ref=ts

April in Unit 11, The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series
24 artists and 3 poets execute a contemporary exploration of Chinese culture; a play on the power of idiomatic suggestion.

The Art of Rebellion ▷ visual interpretations of idioms ▷
eeshaun / winnie goh / ben qwek / adeline tan / brick / xiaobao / antz / kittozutto / xiao yan / zxerokool / roy wang / michy witchy / messymsxi / tiffany tan / sun lee / pigologist / xinjie / leonard wee / cleo / kristal melson / XOTL / pamm hong / zhao renhui / SUSEJ

The Wanderlust of Words ▷ idiomatic haiku scrolls ▷
ng yi-sheng / amanda lee / rebecca toh

Opening night: 14/4, 7-11pm
feat. DJs
pamm hong / sarah chan / troupemaster / nat h.

Exhibition week: 15/4 - 22/4, 2-8pm

42Below / The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series / Pocket Projects / Orita Sinclair

3) Of course, there's the book launch of The New village on Friday too. Seeya there!

More info here: http://theartshouse.com.sg/Programmes/EventPage.aspx?EventID=1568

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