Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Seeking an Audience: A Symposium on Singapore Literature in English.

It's on this Friday at the National Library Pod. I'm gonna be doing a reading, as well as a panel discussion on Singapore Literature and Culture.

Obviously, I should've told everyone in time so you guys could register. But I was lazy. Sorry guys. Details from here.

UPDATE: Anyone can go, with no registration required, for the events from 5:30pm onwards. I'm doing my 15 min reading at 6:30ish.

Jointly organised by the National Library and Nanyang Technological University’s Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, this is a Symposium for all who promote and have an interest in Singapore Literature in English.

Representatives from all sectors involved in the creation, production, circulation, reading and study of Singapore literature – ranging from writers, publishers, booksellers, reviewers, academics and teachers to students – will be giving papers or engaged in discussion on various panels. The Symposium concludes with a panel of writers “Debating Singapore Literature”.

Lee Tzu Pheng and Robert Yeo will open the symposium with a dialogue about their experiences as writers, recalling the heady days of the sixties when they and the most promising poets/writers of their generation had their beginnings, and who are now established writers with substantial bodies of work. The Symposium will also feature the generation of writers who followed them. The day will end with a cocktail reception with poetry readings and a musical performance developed by Stella Kon, author of Emily of Emerald Hill.

The Symposium is being held in connection with the launch of Singapore Literature in English: an Annotated Bibliography compiled and edited by Prof. Koh Tai Ann in collaboration with the National Library.

Registration has closed on 24 October 2008 and all successful registrants have been notified. We regret that only confirmed registrants will be admitted. Thank you.

Detailed Programme

(All guests to be seated by 8.45am)

* Welcome Speech by Dr N. Varaprasad, Chief Executive, National Library Board
* Introduction & Address by Prof Koh Tai Ann, Professorial Fellow, Division of English, School of Humanities and Social Science, Nanyang Technological University
* Launch of "Singapore Literature in English: An Annotated Bibliography"
* Reading of excerpts from short story by Ashish Kumar, Bear Fruit (Creative Writing) Programme First Prize Winner for his "The Outsider"

Session 1: The Writers
"The Sixties: Being the Second Generation and Singapore Writers Now"
A dialogue between Lee Tzu Pheng and Robert Yeo.
Chair: Koh Tai Ann

Singapore Writers Now
* Neil Murphy, "Contemporary Singapore Poetry & the Search for a Centre"
* C.J. Wee Wan-ling, "Home Alone and Homesick: Fractured National Culture in the Plays of Alfian Sa'at"
Chair: Sim Wai Chew

Session 2: Producing the National Canon, Nurturing the Audience
* Gwee Li Sui, "The Anthology and Its Audience"
Commentator: Aaron Lee
Chair: Tamara Wagner

Singapore Literature in the School Curriculum
* Angelia Poon, "Making Space for the Cosmopolitan Subject, Teaching Literature in Singapore"
* Benedict Lin, "Literature for Language, Language for Literature: Deepening the Lang-Lit Connection in the Classrooom"
*Beatrice Ng and Goh Ziyi, "Students' Responses to Singapore Literature in English in the School Curriculum"
* Seah Ee Wei and Nicolette Tan, "Singapore Literature: Where Past Meets Present"
Chair: Warren Mark Liew

Session 3: Singapore Literature in English and Culture
Literary Culture: Facilitators and Resources
* Goh Eck Kheng (Publisher)
* Cyril Wong (e-journal founder, poet/critic)
* Stephanie Yap (Reviewer, print media)
* Cheng U Wen Lena (Founder, specialist bookshop)
* Jillian Lim (Librarian)
Chair: Kenny Leck (Books Actually)

Panel Discussion: Debating Singapore Literature
* Leong Liew Geok
* Ng Yi-Sheng
* Suchen Christine Lim
* Yeow Kai Chai
Chair: Eleanor Wong

Cocktail Reception at The POD, Level 16, National Library Building
* A musical performance by Stella Kon
* Reading by Ng Yi-Sheng and impromptu readings by others
* Readings by Joseph Prem Anand and Fam Wee Wei, from Bear Fruit (Creative Writing) Programme

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