Tuesday, August 05, 2008


W!ld Rice has a tradition, inspired by older Asian theatre practices. Before every production (even the gargantuan ones like STF), they gather everyone in a circle and have them introduce themselves to each other, make eye contact, and then pray to whatever gods we worship for everyone's safety and success.

The event started at 6pm today. Sort of. This is the scene at 6:15 in the Drama Centre.

That's me offering Christina Sergeant dried cranberries and green raisins. On the right is the back of Lim Yu-Beng's head.

Ivan addressed us in his artistic directorly way...

...and had us circle the stall seats.

Then he had us link hands and pray. I couldn't take photos while holding Rodney Oliveiro and Janice Koh's hands. It would've been rude.

Mutual support.

And now for the FOOD. Except for the Swordfish cast and crew, who were doing a tech run.

I stayed back a little while to chatter with the playwrights. That's Ken Kwek (Apocalypse Live) and Laremy Lee (Own Time, Own Target).

Mangiare! (Kenduri, in case ya didn't know, is Malay for "feast".)

That's the tempeh+tofu dish, right next to the boiled vegetables. Further on was spicy chicken and sausage with meatballs and fried rice and and curry.

And no! Your eyes do not deceive you!

That is a chocolate fondue pot! (It went very well with the wasabi prawns.)

And that's Christina, gathering the Raffles cast up for rehearsals.

The festival opens in two days!!!! YAAAARRRGH!!!

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