Sunday, June 10, 2007

Georgette: Behind the Scenes

The stage is set...

The boys are putting on their makeup...
...and so are the ladies.
Yikes! It's only 7pm, and there's already a queue!
...and the doors are open!
Front-of-house gets busy!
And after the show, people pose for photos. With the Yale Association Chairman, who knew Georgette Chen personally.
He liked it so much he asked to meet Seong Hui Xuan, who played Georgette, to congratulate her. From L to R: Hwang Eu Jin (Eugene Chen), Lina (Narratrix), Hui Xuan, the Chairman himself, me and Stella Kon (President of Musical Theatre Ltd).


(Q_Q) said...

I was at the recital studio for 'Georgette' on saturday. Congratulations! I enjoyed the performance very much. What struck me was the resemblence between Seong Hui Xuan and Georgette herself.

Don't really like how Georgette's paintings were flashed onto the projector like a slideshow. However, it might just lead to a few members of the audience to visit the art museum or lookout for paintings by this extraordinary female artist. Hope future improvements on the set, props and costumes would make the musical even more appealing. :)

Suzanne said...

My 11 yr old son and I enjoyed the show very much. We agreed that our favourite song was the the dinner song; I also liked the opening/closing song and the Bowl of Fruit.(he of course liked the one that included 'kiss my...") I think given that this was not a "full" production but a sort of showcase, the slideshow was quite okay...being able to see some of Georgette's paintings added something. I thought you chose an interesting subject with a lot of scope for illumination. In a fuller production, would like to see a fuller/more subtle portryal of her time in Paris, ie. did she face racism, or was she exoticised? How about a meeting with Gertrude and Alice ; )
Congrats! suz