Sunday, April 15, 2007


So it's finally the last day of our run for 251, the play I wrote for Toy Factory Theatrical Productions on the life of Annabel Chong that ran for 14 performances from 5 to 15 April at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. I've experienced the ups and downs of theatre and witnessed both the absurdity of commercial theatre hype (we sold out even before the first show!!!!) as well as the thick-headedness of censorship authorities in Singapore (sigh... click here).

Am I proud? Yes, I'm proud. It's a play with 101 flaws, but it's worked for a good proportion of the audience, many of whom are newcomers to theatre. And it's got me a name in the local scene and beyond which I'll be able to milk for a while (sigh... eventually you start thinking like the marketing people).

But for now, I'm skedaddling off to NYC for two weeks! From Sun 15 to Mon 30 April, DO NOT try to call my handphone. I'll be busy trying to peddle my books to the New York public. Wish me luck.

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