Thursday, December 21, 2006


Life! says that if I'm gonna continue as a theatre reviewer for them, I'll have to stop writing commentaries for Today. Despite the differing subject matters (I've written exclusively on individual theatre pieces for Life! and on visual arts festivals for Today), it's just not SPH policy to have freelancers write for competitors. Tch.


Terry and Don, two of my bestest JC friends, have invited me to go with them to Thailand! I'll be there from the night of Wed 27 Dec to Wed 3 Jan. It's my first time in Bangkok as an adult. I have been told it's inspiring.

My friends will be flying back on Jan 1, but I couldn't get an AirAsia flight back any earlier; shoulda taken the bus and train; I mean, two days alone in Bangkok, what am I gonna do????? ;)

Seriously though, I could do with advice. E.g. I wanna write a Fridae article while I'm there but I don't speak Thai... how to be edgy news reporter like dat?


Zhuang said...

You could write about how you miss your exes while making love to the Thai go-go boys, and then use that to embark on a meditation on love and memory and masochism, and turn it all into parody...?


strangemessages said...

Does that mean you can't write for inkpot too?

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Nah, they haven't objected to Inkpot (have found that some other publishers do though).